Morten Løvbjerg


1976: Morten Løvbjerg
1983-1992: Elementary school - Kirstine Seligmanns Skole in Vejle
1992-1995: High school - Rødkilde Amtsgymnasium in Vejle
1995-1996: Serving by Slesvigske Fodregiment in Haderslev
1996-2002: Studying at The University of Aarhus, Faculty of Science,
                    Department of Computer Science (Daimi)
 1998-2002: Tutor for new students at the Faculty of Science.
2000-2003: Webmaster for the exercise site
2002: Cand.Scient. in Computer Science with a minor in Economics.
2002-2007: Employed with Cci Europe, Århus.
 2002-2004: System Consultant in the Professional Services dept.
 2004-2007: System Developer in the Development dept. - NewsGate project.
25.Sept 2004: Married Ditte
3.Feb 2007: First child, Philip.
2007-2008: Working as a Systems Developer for the publisher Gyldendal as a part of the
                    GT3 Group in affiliation with Systime, Århus.
2009- : Employed as a Systems Developer with Amplex, Århus.
29.Aug 2009: Second child, David.

Published work:

My master studies in computer science was with Evolutionary Algorithms and Particle Swarm Optimization, which I studiet together with the EvaLife group.

Morten Løvbjerg, Thomas Kiel Rasmussen, Thiemo Krink
"Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimiser with Breeding and Subpopulations"
GECCO 2001

Morten Løvbjerg, Thiemo Krink
"Extending Particle Swarm Optimisers with Self-Organized Criticality"
CEC 2002

Thiemo Krink, Morten Løvbjerg
"The LifeCycle Model: Combining Particle Swarm Optimisation, Genetic Algorithms and HillClimbers"
PPSN 2002